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Hi I'm Seth and my wife is Christy. We are the makers behind Sodie Caps!

My interest in mechanical keyboards started in 2016 when I saw a nice looking 60% keyboard on reddit and just happened to need a smaller keyboard for my pathetically small desk at the time. Once I got the keyboard in hand I was immediately hooked on the feel, quality and customization mechanical keyboards offer.

After a year or so I transitioned to an IT job and bought Christy a keyboard of her own and gave her an octopus artisan keycap to go with it. I never expected that to turn in to what we're now doing, haha. 

Eventually Christy had the thought '“why don’t we try to make these fun little keyboard sculptures ourselves?”. In 2019 Christy did tons of research and bought everything we needed to get started. I loved the idea of having a fun creative outlet so I sort of just went along with it.


Christy gave up on sculpting keycaps pretty quickly. But I’ve always been alright with that sort of thing so I gave it a shot. She is definitely the master resin caster on the team though, as I usually just make messes!

It makes us very happy to know that people enjoy our work, we appreciate all of the love and support we receive and that gives us motivation to keep trying to up our game.

The keyboard community is full of such great people and we’re honored to be part of it. 

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