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  • How can I buy a keycap from Sodie Caps?
    We generally sell our keycaps in raffle sales. This means we have many people enter the sale and we use RNG to choose who gets an invoice for a keycap. We normally have weekly raffle sales on Thursdays at 8 PM est. The form stays open for 24 hours. If we have a raffle sale running it will be linked here: If there are unpaid invoices or leftover keycaps we will bring them with us to events or put them on the web store.
  • What's a dibs card?
    These are our "Dibs" cards. If you have one of these it means you can call dibs on a raffle sale. If you call dibs on a raffle sale you will be assigned an invoice for one keycap of your choice from that sale before we do RNG. - What are the boxes on the cards? The # box is the serial number of the card. A card can only be used once. The serial number is to verify that I issued it myself and it hasn't been used before. The $ box will be filled in if the card has monetary value for our raffles. As in: if it says $50, you will pay $50 less than the keycaps price. Like a gift card. If it's crossed out, there is no discount or monitory value. - How to use it? Simply enter the serial number and the word "dibs" in one of our raffle forms. You must enter the word "dibs" or else I might not notice the comment. These cannot be used for one off keycaps or very limited colorways (in that sale). - What happens if more people call dibs on a cap than you made? Whoever entered the raffle form first will get to use their dibs card. - Can you give it to someone else? Sure! But if you're the one receiving it you should verify that it hasn't been used. For now, you can DM me and I'll check.
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