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Below are the keycaps that we make. Unless otherwise noted these were all hand sculpted with clay, other than the blank keycap.

These keycaps fit on mechanical keyboards with MX stem switches.

If you click or tap on the keycap name it will take you to the catalog for all of the colorways for it. 

We typically sell our keycaps through raffle sale forms or our website store.


Basically high res Catnap. I used my cat Mochi as inspiration on the face.


Flipper does what his name is, flips thing for big bucks.


This is a little innocent cat taking a nap.


This is a little cat laying down...but there's something sus under his blanket. Probably just a tail..


Uh...Jamjams..are you ok? Something is a little off.


He's a phony crony that just wants to be as cute and cool as Jamjams. The adorable kigurumu is more encap than AnCap, but at least he's trying. (Collab with Nubbinator)


We can’t guarantee that these knights will guard your keyboard against dragons, but they look the part.


Fubsy put on his jammies, went to bed and dreamt of being an astronaut.


It’s a little seal that wanted to be comfy so it put on a kigurumi (Cosplay pajamas, a type of Japanese onesie that resembles an animal).


This little seal is true to his name, fat and squat. But with all of the delicious fish he eats can you really blame him?


Kin is the celestial larvae of an alien creature from the deepest darkest corner of space. Here it can be found still occupying its egg-sac.


A mysterious traveler that has lost his way on a long journey.


A sneaky little wizard. When mounted on a keyboard this guy peeks up over the keycap in front of him. This works best with cherry and similar profile keysets.


A sleepy moon in the night’s sky and his little star buddy. Best used with cherry and similar profile keysets.


Bandaged but not beaten. This hero still has some fight in him. This was our first sculpt.


This is a blank keycap with a hand sculpted soda bottle cap (lid) encapsulated inside of it.


It’s basically just a resin copy of a blank cherry style keycap that we make with different designs.

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