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What is an artisan keycap?

Artisan keycaps are custom-made keycaps designed to add personality and uniqueness to mechanical keyboards. They are typically made from high-quality materials such as resin, metal, and wood, and are often handcrafted by skilled artisans. Artisan keycaps come in a wide variety of designs, including cute characters, intricate patterns, and intricate sculptural elements. They can add a touch of whimsy or elegance to any mechanical keyboard setup and are highly sought after by keyboard enthusiasts. While artisan keycaps are often more expensive than standard keycaps, they offer a level of customization and individuality that cannot be found elsewhere.

Artisan keycaps are made in many different ways. This is how we make ours.


Hand Sculpting

Generally our keycaps are hand sculpted using clay and sometimes other media that helps create textures or shapes.

Occasionally we will 3D print something to encapsulate inside of a keycap. If so, we note it in the sale.


Resin Casting

Once the physical keycap shape is completed we make a mold of it using silicone. These molds are used to make keycaps!


We resin cast all of our keycaps. Each color on our keycaps was a separate application of resin inside of a silicon mold. This means that generally paint is not involved with the creation of our keycaps, unless stated otherwise.


Internal Design

The Internal design of our keycaps has changed throughout the years but the latest one was 3D printed, silicone molded and resin cast.

The design features the moons and star from our logo. The star doubles as a security feature. If you see one of our keycaps with the star and it isn't transparent or UV reactive, please reach out to us.


Finishing Touches

Each of our keycaps is sanded and polished to remove flashing from the resin casting process. It's then given a bath and packaged up.

You can see all of our original keycaps here

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