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How to set up captcha in Google forms

If you don’t feel like reading the whole guide below I made a video that covers the basics. You can refer to the info below the video for any issues/questions.

For some reason adding a script in google forms doesn't work for me on google chrome. So whatever browser you use may make you encounter a problem. I use Firefox to add the code, then use the browser of my choice for the rest.


Also if you set up the captcha and then edit the template it will probably break, or make the page scroll every time the captcha code updates which will annoy you while editing. Also if you set up the captcha and then edit the template it will probably break, or make the page scroll every time the captcha code updates which will annoy you while editing.

I have a template for my default raffle form with placeholders for all the info needed. So my usual routine is this:

A. Make a copy of my base raffle form template.

B. Put in my current raffle info in to the copy of my base raffle form template until everything is complete in the form.

C. Follow the steps below to add the captcha.
sometimes I need to make a copy of my finished form, delete the first copy (the one I edited), and then follow the steps below. I’m not sure why.


1. Get the code from xFanatical (I save mine in a notepad doc for easy access). It’s in step #2 titled “Captcha for Forms apps script”.


2. If you have a form template make a copy of it.


3. Make all changes to the form so that the script is the very last thing you add.


4. Open your form in Firefox (or another browser if it supports the next step).


5. Click the 3 dots in the right hand corner and then click "Script Editor"


6. Under "Files" Click the plus symbol and click "Script". Name the new script whatever you want.


7. Delete the default code in the pane to the right and paste the script from xFanatical in there.


8. At this point you need to run the code. But sometimes you need to click the little save button (floppy disk) for the run button to become accessible.

9. Click "Run". It will probably say there's an error. There isn't, it's lying.

10. Click "Run" again and wait a few seconds for an authorization prompt.


11. Click "Review Permissions" on the authorization prompt.


12. On the next page choose the google account you made the form with, click advanced and then click "Go to Untitled project (unsafe).

NOTE: I know this looks sort of sketchy but I looked at the code and I don't see anything weird. xFanatical seems legit, I think this is just Google being extra careful.

Also Google will send you an email about a security alert. It was you, don't be worried.


13. On the next page click "Allow"


14. Go back to the form tab and reload the page.

15. There is now a puzzle piece button to the left of the themes button.

16. Click the puzzle piece button, then click "Untitled project"


17. Click "Start". (It may ask for authorization again, if it does just click “Continue” and then repeat steps 11-13.


18. A new pop-out will appear at the bottom of the form editor page. Click the "Enable Captcha" button and minimize the pop-out.


19. Look at the bottom of your form and make sure the captcha question is down there. You can edit the text but I suggest you don't because it usually breaks it.

20. Make sure the code changes after a minute. If it does, you’re done. Now you can get your form link and open the form whenever needed.


You may think "this is great! I'll save a template of this form after I set up the captcha to duplicate it for later forms. Don't bother, if you duplicate a form with the captcha already applied, it breaks the captcha in the copied form.

P.S. the real final step is to give me rigs in your raffles now that there’s less bots.

Lots of love,


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